I highly recommend it. #revenge #abc #netflix

I highly recommend it. #revenge #abc #netflix

rh-14 Asked:
Question from a guy who is actually trying but how did you quit looking at dirtsheets I try all the time but then the second I get bored or have nothing to do there I am doing it again. I better than I was but I still am not totally over it


Man, if you have so little things to do that looking at wrestling rumor sites is your ONLY option, I’m kind of super, insanely jealous. 

If I had a bunch of extra time I’d use it to read more books and comics, watch a movie, exercise more, or even just watch some weird old stuff on the WWE Network. 

If you have the WWE Network, why would you waste your time looking at Dirt Sheets? Instead of reading a bunch of nonsense about wrestling, how about you just, you know, watch some wrestling?